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Ship planning

begins with the allocation of ships to berths several weeks before a ship’s arrival, so that export containers arriving by train and truck can be stored close to the future berthing place. The central part of ship planning is the stowage planning that selects specific stowage positions for all containers to be loaded. The objective is to maximise the utilisation of the ship and to minimize the number of container rehandles. Usually, an initial stowage plan listing the required container attributes such as size, weight, and the port of destination, for every on board stowage position is created by the shipping line. This plan is transferred to the terminal operator who then assigns individual containers satisfying the required attributes such that the number of container rehandles in the storage yard is minimized. The final step of ship planning consists of scheduling the allocation of quay cranes over time to the storage bays of the ships that run perpendicular to a ship’s main axis.

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