TerminalStarTERMINALSTAROptimizing terminal operations the smart way

TERMINALSTAR is the most comprehensive IT solution for controlling and optimizing resource utilizations and overall terminal productivity. Perfected optimization algorithms provide the key to improve equipment and yard utilization, to reduce reshifters and to eliminate future bottle-necks.

TERMINALSTAR covers not only all administrative requirements for the management of modern terminal operations but simultaneously performs dynamic intelligent real-time planning and control of operations for any working area regardless of the type of resource.

TERMINALSTAR unifies the experience of HPC and INFORM in the area of port business. Where other software systems meet their limits, TERMINALSTAR rises.

Efficient terminal operations

The TERMINALSTAR Software System is specially developed for the control of all terminal logistics processes.


The success of a terminal operation depends on the ability to provide precise services at competitive costs in an environment with multiple, complex and intertwined processes.




TERMINALSTAR enables terminal operators to

Photo Terminal Operations